Testimonials from some of our patients are listed below.

"I struggled with depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder throughout my life. At one point, I realized that all the years of therapy and medication weren’t going to yield the changes I was looking for. As I began to take a new, more responsible approach to my problems – including meditation, exercising daily, and getting off of my medications – acupuncture came into my life. It drastically improved my mood, and helped me toward a feeling of lightness and calm that I simply had not felt before. It also helped with many things that my doctors had told me could not be helped: headache, mild indigestion, and sleep that was not restful. It has completely changed the way that I understand the problems in my life, and it has opened up new pathways of exploration. Moreover, Ed is a deeply compassionate and caring man, who listens to you to find the best method of treatment. Though acupuncture can't help everyone and everything, it has certainly changed my life."
- Ryan

"When I first saw Ed, I was taking between three to five medications per day for asthma. In a short time I was taking none, and have not had a return of symptoms. I can say the same thing when I had Plantar Faciatis. Within a few treatments, the pain from that was gone as well. I still see Ed about four or five times a year, at the change of each season. I just find there are less aches and pains, illnesses, more energy, and a lot better mood on my part."
- V. Hennighan D.O., Physician

"I consider acupuncture treatment with Ed to be as important as any part of the treatment of my cancer. I definitely have much less side effects from chemotherapy. I have been able to tolerate a lot more treatment with more energy and less nausea and all the other pleasures that go with chemo."
- Andrea C.

"I made the decision to choose acupuncture as an alternative to standard medical practices to relieve tension, and for smoking cessation. I had heard from others that their treatments were successful and I wanted to try them to avoid dependency on long-term medication for some of my aches and pains. Since taking my treatments I have had a much better over all feeling of wellness. I no longer smoke and many of my chronic pains have been relieved. Acupuncture truly works for me."
- Mark

"Four years ago, I had emergency surgery on my spine. The doctors told me I may end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Ed started acupuncture the day I came home from the hospital. Now I have returned to full time work as a nurse, I have regained full function of my bladder (which was affected by the spinal cord accident), and I can walk without pain. Due to acupuncture and Ed's continuing treatment, I have my life back."
- Gail Gordon, RN

"Ed is truly a master healer. I was rear-ended, by negligent drivers, twice in less than a year and had significant spinal and soft tissue damage that resulted in severe and persistent pain in my back, neck, legs, as well as migraine headaches. I went to chiropractors, orthopedists, pain specialists, rehabilitation physicians but nothing they did had as dramatic and sustained improvements with my debilitating pain; as well as improving my overall health and sense of well being. I have referred corporate executives, professionals, attorneys, and family members to Ed and everyone has benefited from his healing."
- Chris Connors

"Ed is a beautiful person and has a real talent. He has that special ability to know and understand just where and how to help you. Do not let the opportunity slip away make an appointment and start your way to a healthier, balanced life."
- James W.


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